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Adoption Instructions

We have many wonderful cats who want loving homes! The adoptable cats on this page are only a small fraction of those waiting for homes, so please come meet the lovely cats at our Homeward Bound Adoption Center.

Looking for an indoor/outdoor kitty to help control your rodent population? Check out our Backyard Buddy Program!

The MCSPCA is one of the only shelters that provides the unique opportunity for cat lovers to adopt an FIV+ cat. Learn more!

Want to help give some of our cats a break from the shelter? learn more here!

Tater Tot

Hi, friends!!!! Are you looking for the most adorable pair of kittens in the... Read more about Tater Tot

Mr. Papaya Pants

Hi, friends!!!! Who is looking for a pair of very playful kittens? I’m one-half... Read more about Mr. Papaya Pants

Jr. Minty

Hi, hoomans!!! Aren’t I adorable with my light grey tiger markings? I am a... Read more about Jr. Minty

Oda May

Beautiful!! That’s the word I hear the most from my human friends. What do... Read more about Oda May


How cute is my little heart nose? I have a big sweet heart inside... Read more about Sylvester


Hi there, friends!!! I live up to my name-I’m a cool kitty cat! I... Read more about Jazzy

Squirrely Girley

  Hi, friends! My name is Squirrely Girly and boy am I pretty, don’t... Read more about Squirrely Girley


My human friends often tell me that I’m a really special kitty. I’m incredibly... Read more about Mona

Allen Jr.

Major Mushball alert!!!!!!! I may be a gentle kitty but I love fiercely!!! I’m... Read more about Allen Jr.


I hope you think I’m beautiful even with my little eye blemish. It really... Read more about Meishan


Hi! As if you didn’t already know, I’m one handsome kitty cat!!!! I’m a... Read more about Nicholas


Hi, guys!!! Are you looking for a mushball? If so, you can stop looking!... Read more about Frisco


Hi, friends! I’m one of those kitty cats that has it all going on!... Read more about Balsamic


  Hi, guys! I’m a pretty little sweetheart who is hoping that you will... Read more about Holly


Hi, guys! I’m a pretty little sweetheart who is hoping that you will read... Read more about Izzy


Hi, guys!!! I think I’m exactly what you’re looking for. I’m friendly, lovable and... Read more about Mickey


Before you say anything, let me assure you that, even when I do shed... Read more about Bellissima


Did you see my cute little heart-shaped nose? The rest of me is pretty... Read more about Josh


Are you looking to add some fun and goofiness in your life? Cuz if... Read more about Preston


Hi, future friends!!!! Aren’t I cute with my little panda bear markings? And once... Read more about Patches


My story: Hi, friends! Mushy, lovey, snuggly-hey, that describes me! I am about 4... Read more about Tony


You can probably tell from these pictures that I’m a charismatic gal that loves... Read more about Angelou

Mr. G

Hi there, friends! Who doesn’t love a big handsome orange kitty cat? No one,... Read more about Mr. G


Hi there, friends!!! I am the purrfect combo of cuddly and playful. My favorite... Read more about Honey


Hi there, friends!!! I am the purrfect combo of cuddly and playful. I’m lots... Read more about Skylar


Hi all you front-declawed, senior sweetheart loving friends!!!! I am both of those things... Read more about Colbie


Hi, friends! Aren’t I cute? I’m also very friendly, sweet and affectionate. I’m young... Read more about Thoreau

Kitty Kitty

Hi, friends! Looking for a friendly and sweet kitty cat? Look no further!!! I... Read more about Kitty Kitty


Hi, hoomans!!! Everyone tells me that I have a cute little face. Do you... Read more about Foxy


Who doesn’t love a pretty kitty? I have a very sweet personality to go... Read more about Elisa


Who doesn’t love a pretty all-white kitty cat? After all, it’s not often that... Read more about Snowflake

Milky Way

Hi!! My name is Milky Way and I’m a beautiful tuxedo sweetheart. I am... Read more about Milky Way


Hi, human friends!!!! Look at my toe beans!!! Aren’t they cute? Don’t you want... Read more about Khloe


Well what can I say? I am purrrfect. And I have extra toes!!!!!!!!! I... Read more about Toeby


I is a cutie!!!!! Right? I was a super cute little kitten when I... Read more about Bella


Hi, future friends! My current friends tell me that with my golden eyes and... Read more about Margot


Hi! I’m a shy and extremely handsome tuxedo kitty. I have big ears and... Read more about Smurf


Hello, I’m Shadow.  I came to the shelter because there were too many of... Read more about Shadow


Hi! I’m a cute little tuxedo boy. I’m 8 months young as of Christmas,... Read more about Miles


Looking for a low-maintenance and front-declawed kitty cat? If so, I’m right up your... Read more about Diamond


Hi, there!!  I’m a sweet and gentle little pretty kitty who is looking for... Read more about Faith


Hi, friends! Don’t I have a cute little face? I have a cute little... Read more about Goober

Jelly Bean

Hi, friends! Don’t I have a cute little face? Did you see my cute... Read more about Jelly Bean

Jolly Rancher

Hi, friends! Don’t I have a cute little face? Did you see my cute... Read more about Jolly Rancher

Buddah Belle

Hi, everyone!!!! I’m a sweet little girl who is hoping to go home with... Read more about Buddah Belle

Clementine & Clover

Who’s looking for a special pair of cats with a really cool story? Please... Read more about Clementine & Clover

Suzie Songbird

Hi, I’m a playful girl who’s never met a toy I didn’t like.  Some... Read more about Suzie Songbird


Hi, friends! I wish I could tell you about my life prior to being... Read more about Arthur


Hi, friends!! (And hopefully future family), I’m a sweet beautiful girl who likes to... Read more about Margarita


Hi, friends! I am a sweet little Tuxedo boy who came to the shelter... Read more about Benny


Hi, friends! I am a gentle and lovable teddy bear kind of cat. I... Read more about Buddy


Hi all you front-declawed, senior sweetheart loving friends!!!! I am both of those things... Read more about Chelsea


Hi, hoomans!!! Do you think I’m as pretty as all my shelter friends think... Read more about Edna


My story: Hi there, friends! Are you a big teddy bear-mushball kind of cat... Read more about Joey


Hi, friends! I am beautiful and lovable. I’m a mellow and sweet kitty cat... Read more about Marley


Hi, friends! I’m a really mellow and sweet kitty cat who came to the... Read more about Ziggy

Junior Cheeseburger

Hi, friends! I’m as adorable as my name suggests!!! I am 1 part of... Read more about Junior Cheeseburger

Lily McNugget

Hey, guys! I am 1/2 of an amazing kitty duo. My brother and bff,... Read more about Lily McNugget


Hi, friends!! I’m a sweet 1-year young girl who purrs for pets.  I even... Read more about Callie


Hi, friends!! (And hopefully future family). I’m a sweet girl who likes to be... Read more about Pancake


Hello, I’m Esmeralda.  I came to the MCSPCA after being found as a stray. ... Read more about Esmeralda

Mazie Mae

Hi!!  I’m a friendly 1-year old girl who likes to be petted.  I’m also... Read more about Mazie Mae


Let me start by saying I am SOOOOOOOO excited to find my forever family!!!!!!... Read more about Cheetah


My story: Look close and you could see the twinkle in my eye when... Read more about Twinkle


Hi, hoomans!!! I am oodles and boodles of kitty cat fun! (Literally and figuratively).... Read more about Boodles

Auntie Em

Hi! I am Aunty Em and, just like the character in the in the... Read more about Auntie Em


Hi there! I am a beautiful and gentle girl who came to the MCSPCA... Read more about Miami


How adorable is my little face?!! I have an adorable personality to match my... Read more about Meowticia


Hi, friends!!!! I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooo loving and sweet!!!!! My shelter friends all tell me that... Read more about Beyonce

Sir Mix A Lot

Soooo cute!! That’s me!!!! I’m a young adult, Russian Blue type kitty cat boy.... Read more about Sir Mix A Lot


Hi, friends!! I’m a nice girl who enjoys gentle neck and head rubs.  I’ll... Read more about Shelly


My story: Hi there, future friends and family!!!!! If you have been searching for... Read more about Sunday


Hi there, friends! I really am as sweet as I am pretty!! (Which is... Read more about Cleopatra


My story: Hi there, friends! I am a friendly, affectionate and outgoing little lady... Read more about Charro


Hi there! One look into my emerald eyes and I guarantee you’ll be head-over-heels... Read more about Daphne

Backyard Buddy

Got a Backyard or a Barn? Need a Buddy?  The Monmouth County SPCA Can... Read more about Backyard Buddy

FIV+ Adoptable Facts

Save a Life, Adopt and FIV+ Cat The MCSPCA is one of the only... Read more about FIV+ Adoptable Facts
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