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We have many wonderful cats who want loving homes! The adoptable cats on this page are only a small fraction of those waiting for homes, so please come meet the lovely cats at our Homeward Bound Adoption Center.

Looking for an indoor/outdoor kitty to help control your rodent population? Check out our Backyard Buddy Program!

The MCSPCA is one of the only shelters that provides the unique opportunity for cat lovers to adopt an FIV+ cat. Learn more!

Want to help give some of our cats a break from the shelter? learn more here!


Did you need a kitty kiss? I have lots of them to give!!! My... Read more about Momo

Backyard Buddy Program

Save a life and adopt a Backyard Buddy outdoor feline friend! :) Read more about Backyard Buddy Program

Allie Jo

Hi, friends!! Aren’t I stunning? I’m very sweet too. I’m a 12 year old... Read more about Allie Jo


I am the most adorable little old squish-face lady with 1 tooth!! Read more about Jingles


Here's your chance to adopt a feline-lion-wolf hybrid!!!! ;) Read more about Minnie


Hi, future family!! I was named in honor of the nice gentleman who rescued... Read more about Stavola


Don’t I have just the prettiest emerald green eyes?!! I’m like a unicorn-gorgeous and... Read more about Iris


Are you looking for a petite and sweet fun-loving only cat?! Read more about Violet


I'm a sweet little kitty looking for a family to love! Read more about Olivia

Tai Chi & Tacoma

Hi, friends!!! Are you looking for a pair of super sweet cats? We fit... Read more about Tai Chi & Tacoma

Jelly Bean

Who doesn’t love an adorable gray kitty face? Hi! I’m a beautiful and sweet... Read more about Jelly Bean


Hi, friends! I’m a sweetheart. For real-I’m just a really nice boy who is... Read more about Rascal


Hi, friends!! (And hopefully future family). I’m a roly-poly cutie pie who would love... Read more about Sandy


1/2 of a sweet and pretty pair of girls!! Read more about Jacqueline


I'm the feline version of a teddy bear!!!! Read more about Hermey


Hi, future family!! Are you looking to add a fun-loving feline to your home?... Read more about Duke


I'm a big girl with a big heart! Read more about Hearts


My story: Hi! If you are looking for a really sweet little kitty girl,... Read more about Lydia


Aren’t I adorable? I have salt-n-pepper fur and a cute little personality. I am... Read more about Luca


Hi, friends! Aren’t I just gorgeous? I’m like the supermodel of felines!!!! I’m a... Read more about Celeste


Hi, friends!! I’m a roly-poly girl with a super cute purrsonality!!! I am friendly... Read more about April


Let me start by saying I am SOOOOOOOO excited to find my forever family!!!!!!... Read more about Cheetah

Gingerbread Boy

Hi, friends! Who doesn’t love a big sweet orange cat? I’m front declawed too.... Read more about Gingerbread Boy


I have one of the cutest faces you’ve ever seen, right?! Don’t you just... Read more about Lola


Handsome cat alert!!!! Hi, there! I’m a stunning Russian Blue type kitty cat. I... Read more about Grendal

Midnight Moon

Hi, future friends!!!! Aren’t I cute with my midnight black fur and white patch... Read more about Midnight Moon


Talk about luck!!! I was found as a stray in not-so-great shape. The man... Read more about Francisco


Hi there, friends!! I’m a pretty little sweetheart who would love to go home... Read more about Vida


Hi, friends!!! I’m a sweet and handsome boy who likes to have a good... Read more about Karl


Hi, friends!! How cute am I with my cross-eyes?!! I mean have you ever... Read more about Sadie

Cookie Monster

Hi, there friends! I’m a really sweet little boy who came to the MCSPA... Read more about Cookie Monster


Hi!!!!!!!!!! Did you see my gorgeous eyes? How can you look into them and... Read more about Latka


Seriously-how adorable is my little face? So pretty, right?! And my markings are unique... Read more about Maddie


Hiiiiiii!!!! Aren’t I pretty? Who doesn’t love a pretty, fluffy orange long hair female... Read more about Ginger


Major Mushball alert!!!!!!! I’m a sweet and gentle older gentleman who loves to be... Read more about Vivaldi


Hi, friends! How cute am I?!  If you catch me at the right moment,... Read more about Blip


I is a cutie!!!!! Right? I was a super cute little kitten when I... Read more about Bella


2nd half of a gorgeous and lovable pair of kitties! Read more about Jillian

Keek and Boomer

What is better than 2 warm and snuggly kitty cats curled up together in... Read more about Keek and Boomer

Mr. Shadowkins

Hi, friends!!!!! I’m a really affectionate and lovable boy who is looking for some... Read more about Mr. Shadowkins


Hi! Do you need the kitty you adopt to be declawed? Because I already... Read more about Molson


Hi there, humans!! Are you looking for a sweet little kitty? If so, please... Read more about Abigail

Milky Way

Hi!! My name is Milky Way and I’m a beautiful tuxedo sweetheart. I am... Read more about Milky Way


Hi, friends! I am beautiful and lovable. I’m a mellow and sweet kitty cat... Read more about Marley


Hi, friends! I’m a really mellow and sweet kitty cat who came to the... Read more about Ziggy


Hi, friends!! (And hopefully future family). I’m a sweet girl who likes to be... Read more about Pancake

FIV+ Adoptable Facts

Save a Life, Adopt and FIV+ Cat The MCSPCA is one of the only... Read more about FIV+ Adoptable Facts
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