We are open for adoptions every day at 12pm!

Leadership Team

Executive Director

Ross Licitra

Associate Executive Director

Barbara Lovell

Law Enforcement

Mike Goldfarb Chief of Humane Law Enforcement

Mike Magliozzo – Lieutenant of Humane Law Enforcement

Medical Services

Dr. Samantha MammenVeterinarian

Stacy WalkerAdoption Center Veterinary Technician Manager

Amy RichardVogel Veterinary Care Center Manager


Robert SternFinance Director

MaryBeth MarschalkHR/Finance Coordinator


Barbara Lovell Development Director

Kaitlynn Deal – Development & Special Events Manager

Lindsay SanatorMedia and Marketing Manager

Kelsey Mulholland Database Coordinator

Jeff BlazewiczSpecial Projects Manager & Volunteer Coordinator 

Shelter Operations

Viki Smart –  Customer Service Manager

Nina LucowFeline Adoption Manager

Kelsey Hansen Feline Foster Manager

Kelley Coleman – Animal Care Manager

Jill Livingston-ArnoldCanine Foster Manager

Kathy DerryCanine Adoptions & Behavior Manager

Scott CrawfordAnimal Control Manager

Steve ArrisonThrift Store Manager

Kathy Miles – Facilities Manager

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