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Current Legislation

In addition to what we all do as individuals to improve the lives of animals, state law can have an important impact. Here is a summary of current animal welfare legislation in New Jersey.

Contact your New Jersey legislator and make your opinions known.

  • A1817
    • Prohibits persons violating animal cruelty law from owning, keeping, or harboring animals; requires DHSS establish and maintain website list of such persons.
    • Introduced, referred to Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.
  • A928, S515
    • Enables veterinarians to satisfy up to half of their continuing education requirement by performing free spay/neuter surgeries for towns and non-profit organizations operating Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs and for low-income residents’ companion animals.
    • Passed the Senate and the Assembly.
  • A2346, S1590
    • Protects the assets of county SPCAs (such as the Monmouth County SPCA). Revises law concerning disposition of assets of a county society for the prevention of cruelty to animals that has dissolved or has had its charter revoked, canceled, or suspended.
    • Passed the state Senate and is now in the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.
  • A1633
    • Permits court to include animals in domestic violence restraining orders.
    • Introduced, referred to Assembly Judiciary Committee.
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