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Hours of Operation: Our Eatontown shelter is open for walk-in adoptions every day for both dogs and cats! Wednesday through Friday from 12-7 & Saturday through Tuesday from 12-5. Our doors open at 10am daily for any business pertaining to donations, animal surrenders, redemptions or general inquiries. Our address is 260  Wall St. Eatontown NJ 07724. We adopt to the tri-state area only, and only under specific circumstances will we adopt out of NJ. Learn more about our adoption process here.

Do you accept linen donations? Yes! We accept clean, gently used linens such as towels, sheets, fleece blankets, quilts and other types of single layer blankets. We are unable to accept pillows, filled comforters, stuffed animals not meant for pets and anything else with stuffing or fill. 

Do you accept food and other donations? Yes! We accept all types of pet food for dogs, cats, small and furries and even wildlife. As of December 2023, we are unable to accept open bags of food, wire crates, or oversized carriers. 

We are open for donation drop-off every day at 10am. There is a blue bin outside of our main entrance or inside of the vestibule. 

Directions to the Eatontown Shelter: (Map) From the Garden State Parkway: Get off on Exit 105. Make a right onto Hope Road (the very first right after the toll). Drive down Hope, pass Route 547 (Wyckoff Road), make a left onto Industrial Way. Keep an eye out, it is easy to miss! Drive down to the end of Industrial Way (cross over Route 35). At the end, make a right onto Wall Street. Make the next right and then another quick right into the MCSPCA driveway.

Does the MCSPCA take in strays? Yes, but it depends on the town you live in. Some towns have contracts with us, some have contracts with Associated Humane Society in Tinton Falls. If you find a stray dog or cat or any other type of animal, or if you are trapping stray cats, please do NOT bring them directly into the MCSPCA or any animal shelter. This is particularly true if the animal is injured.

If you find a stray animal, please contact your police department or health department to arrange for your town’s animal control officers (ACO) to bring the strays to the appropriate animal shelter. Every town has contracts with different animal shelters and your police or health department will know which shelter has their contract.

What do I do if I found someone’s pet? First, try to find the owner yourself. Most pets do not wander far and it is best for the pet to get home as quickly as possible. Post flyers around your neighborhood, read the Lost ads in the newspaper, and notify your local police department. If this does not work, as stated above please contact your police department or health department to arrange for your town’s animal control officers (ACO) to bring the stray to the appropriate animal shelter.

Does the MCSPCA have any puppies, small dogs or kittens? If you are looking for a puppy, small dog, or a kitten, it is best to come to the MCSPCA in person as often as possible. Puppies, small dogs and kittens come in all the time but are adopted out very quickly.

What is required to adopt? To adopt a pet from the MCSPCA, you need to come in person with your entire family.  You will talk to an adoption counselor and be asked to fill out an adoption application.   The Adoption Counselor will talk with you and help you find the perfect match for your family. For more info check out our Adoption page.

How do I surrender (bring in or give up) my animal? If you wish to turn your pet into us, please call us at 732-542-0040 x3 to make an appointment. THIS CAN BE DONE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, and ONLY AT OUR EATONTOWN LOCATION.

What do I do if I suspect someone of animal cruelty? If you would like to report suspected cruelty to animals, please call the state’s cruelty hotline, (877) 898-7927. If it is an immediate emergency, please call us at 732-542-0040. For an animal emergency when the MCSPCA is closed, please call your local police. Read about what constitutes cruelty and more info on our Humane Law Enforcement Division page.

What do I do if I lost my pet? Call your local police department and ask them which shelter takes strays from your town. If animal control picks up your pet you will then know where he/she would be taken. Although you can call that shelter and ask if they have your pet, it is always best to visit the shelter in person to see for yourself since only you know what your pet looks like.

How can I get my pet spayed or neutered? Call our Vogel Veterinary Care Center for appointments or more information at 732-542-3125.  Cats & Dogs only please. Learn about the benefits of spaying or neutering your pet.

Can I see a copy of the MCSPCA’s most recent audited financial statement or Tax Form 990? Visit our Annual Reports & Financial Statements page.

What do I do if I find injured wildlife? Call the shelter at 732-542-0040 x3, or your police department. Also, please check out the different ways for your to co-exist with NJ Wildlife

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