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Sponsor a Pet Program

The Sponsor a Pet Program provides for the routine care of one of our shelter animals for one month (a donation of $200 for a dog and $100 for a cat). This provides:

  • a safe and comfy place for them to live
  • nutritious food and treats
  • routine medications
  • exercise, play and enrichment
  • all the tlc they need!
Sponsors will have their names advertised on a special sticker placed on the animal’s cage card for the duration of the sponsorship (in the event that the animal is adopted, residual funds will be distributed for the care of other animals).


You can sponsor an animal by going on our donation page and making your gift. Be sure to leave the memo Sponsor A Pet and the name(s) of the animals that you are sponsoring, and the name(s) or business you’d like to sponsor with. We truly appreciate your wanting to support “behind the scenes.” It’s one of the most life-saving gifts you can make! 

Browse our animals available to sponsor here!

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