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Pet Therapy & Humane Education

Our Pet Therapy and Humane Education team is composed of volunteers with their certified pet therapy animals who visit those in need of kindness and compassion, as well as promote a love and caring for animals through our educational “It’s Cool to be Kind” presentations to children.  Most visits are weekdays from 9-5, so you will need to have availability in that time frame and commit to at least 2 visits per month.

Our team provides the following services. Please click on each one for more detailed information.


Team members must be available weekdays, mostly during the daytime hours of 9-5.  There are occasional evening or weekend visits, but these are not typical.  You must commit to a minimum of 2 visits per month in any combination of Pet Therapy, Humane Education and Read to Dog visits.

Each handler and his/her pet are first required to attend the MCSPCA General Volunteer Orientation at which time you can sign up for Pet Therapy and Humane Education. Please click here to learn more about volunteering!

You will then need to attend a Pet Therapy Handler’s Group Session, which will help you understand how Pet Therapy works and how you can keep your pet safe during the visit. These will be scheduled periodically and you will be notified of the date(s).

Finally, you and your pet must pass a comprehensive hands-on test to be certified as a Pet Therapy Team. You and your pet are tested as a team.  Your animal can participate in MCSPCA programs with you only. If other family members want to participate, they must go through the entire process separately and be tested separately with your pet.

For a very important list of the QUALIFICATIONS FOR A MCSPCA PET THERAPY ANIMAL, please click here The Monmouth County SPCA offers a Pet Therapy Handler’s Training Class to help you and your pet prepare for certification. It is not mandatory, but is very helpful. This class will be scheduled once you have completed the other prerequisites.

An annual fee of $20 is required for participation and once this is paid, you will also receive a Monmouth County SPCA Pet Therapy vest to use on your pet.  Our Pet Therapy and Humane Education Managers will send out emails periodically advising of the available opportunities for you and your pet.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact us at [email protected]

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