Open Daily for Walk In Adoptions


Late last night, MCSPCA leadership was taken by surprise by an outlandish and outrageous campaign created and distributed by the Matawan Animal Welfare Committee; which consists of the Matawan Business Administrator, Matawan’s Animal Control Officer and a member of the Matawan council.

This letter stated that “All free roaming/feral cats that are trapped by Matawan’s Animal Control Officer (ACO) will be impounded. Any cat not claimed within seven days of being trapped will be destroyed by the Monmouth County SPCA.”

This campaign was formulated and made public without any knowledge or consent of the Monmouth County SPCA.

Effective immediately, all animal intake to our shelter from Matawan Borough has been suspended by the Monmouth County SPCA until further notice. Furthermore, the Monmouth County SPCA has learned that all animal control trapping activity in Matawan has been suspended as of this morning.

We are completely outraged and disheartened that our organization has been attached to this archaic campaign to euthanize feral cats, when there are so many other successful, humane alternatives. The Monmouth County SPCA is the largest TNR organization in NJ, with over 2,700 cats TNR’d last year alone. We will continue to stand behind our mission to protect, care for and advocate for all animals. 

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