Adoption Instructions 

We have many wonderful dogs who need loving homes! Please come meet our dogs in person at our new Homeward Bound Adoption Center. The dogs on this page are just a fraction of the dogs available for adoption, we get new dogs every day!

Call Ahead Canines – The dogs selected for our call ahead canines program need a little extra time to primp and prep before they are ready for their close-up.  They may also be in a foster home, out on play-dates or visiting a volunteer’s home! Please call to meet these adorable pups! 732-542-5962

What is a Sato Dog? – “Sato” is a slang term that, roughly translated, means mutt.  Read more >>Satos

Click here to view our dogs that are currently in foster waiting for forever homes!


Angel loves people and gives kisses! Read more about Angel


Cassiopeia is smart, sweet, and playful! Read more about Cassiopeia

Dinki Di

Dinki Di is very sweet and gentle and enjoys pets. Read more about Dinki Di

Lily Lamb

Lily Lamb is sweet and friendly, and loves to play. Read more about Lily Lamb


Petey loves to play with tennis balls, and is a great catch! Read more about Petey


Exuberant Roscoe would love to have an active home! Read more about Roscoe

Holly Berry

Sweet Holly Berry loves everyone! Read more about Holly Berry


Hope is a happy girl who loves everyone! Read more about Hope


Lucy would enjoy an active family who's willing to cuddle, too! Read more about Lucy


Paisley is friendly and playful with toys and balls! Read more about Paisley


Thor is playful, smart, and lovable! Read more about Thor


Dixie is playful and lovable, and would like to be a lap dog! Read more about Dixie


Red is very friendly and loves everyone! Read more about Red

Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum is looking for a family that will be kind and loving to... Read more about Lady Antebellum


Sam loves everyone and enjoys getting attention! Read more about Sam

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is playful and can amuse herself with toys. Read more about Jennifer Lopez


Simon is shy and needs a patient, loving family to teach him to love. Read more about Simon


Sophie is a big, exuberant girl who loves people! Read more about Sophie


Rosie is friendly, and playful with toys and balls! Read more about Rosie


Tequila would like a patient family to teach her to trust. Read more about Tequila


Stella is gentle and sweet, and loves playing fetch and cuddling! Read more about Stella


Chico loves getting attention, and is a leaner! Read more about Chico


Princess loves everyone, and would love to have an active family! Read more about Princess


Carley would love to be the only pet so she can get all the... Read more about Carley


Pharoah can be a little shy at first but is very sweet! Read more about Pharoah


Brooklyn is super-playful! Read more about Brooklyn


Scooter would love to get all the attention in his new home! Read more about Scooter


Bella is a sweet girl who can stand on her hind legs! Read more about Bella


Sonya would love to live with another confident dog who can teach her. Read more about Sonya


Lina has lots of energy and loves to play with balls! Read more about Lina

Courtesy Post for Bernie

Bernie is a sweet and silly guy who is with Pitties & Pals rescue.... Read more about Courtesy Post for Bernie


Adrian needs a nurturing family to help her learn to trust. Read more about Adrian


Smart Brook is a great catcher of balls and treats! Read more about Brook


Keith needs a special family to help him to learn to trust. Read more about Keith


Brutis is a happy, energetic boy! Read more about Brutis


Dale needs an experienced, very patient family to help him learn to trust. Read more about Dale

Howell Hoarding Dogs from June, 2016

These dogs had a rough start in life and need very patient, nurturing families. Read more about Howell Hoarding Dogs from June, 2016


Tiara would like an active home! Read more about Tiara


Gus came from a hoarding situation and needs a patient family. Read more about Gus


Rocky is shy at first, but is a cuddler and kisser! Read more about Rocky

Can I Crash on Your Couch?

Please volunteer to foster dogs or puppies! Read more about Can I Crash on Your Couch?
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