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What is a Sato Dog?

The Sato puppies and dogs for adoption through the Monmouth County SPCA were born on the United States Commonwealth island of Puerto Rico.

“Sato” is a slang term that, roughly translated, means mutt.

Why are we adopting dogs from Puerto Rico?

Compassion has no borders

There are approximately 200,000 abandoned and/or homeless Satos roaming the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico

Only 3% of dogs and cats in Puerto Rico’s municipal animal shelters get adopted. The other 97% are euthanized

Satos are highly regarded as excellent canine companions in the Northeast United States in areas of New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts

Satos are charming, playful and most get along well with other dogs, people and children.

Once you adopt a Sato you are hooked for life!

To learn more about Sato dogs, visit Project Animal Worldwide.

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