Sep 2nd


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My story: Hello there, future family!!!!! If you adopt me, you’ll be taking home an absolutely amazing kitty cat. I’m sweet, affectionate and extremely easy to love. I might be a bit shy at first but once I know you, I’m a purring machine and when you pet me I make muffins.

I came to the MCSPCA because my family moved to a location that didn’t allow pets. That wasn’t the first time I had been given up-when I was a kitten, I was left beside a dumpster. The girl that found me was nice enough to give me a loving home for 3 ½ years but now that they can’t keep me, I’m in the market for a new family.

I’ve always been the only kitty in the home but I would certainly consider living with another sweet and gentle kitty cat. I am an easygoing and mellow girl who prefers a nice cozy nap to running around like a crazy kitten. If snuggling is up your alley, then I’m the kitty for you!!!! Not to mention how pretty I’ll look on your couch…😉

I am FIV+, which means that my immune system can be weaker than the average cat. This isn’t a problem as long as I am kept inside and up-to-date on vet visits and vaccinations. FIV+ kitties typically run into problems when they are left outdoors to fend for themselves. Lucky for me, I am done with my outdoor days!!!! FIV is only transmitted from cat-to-cat through reproduction and bite wounds. My FIV+ status doesn’t bother me one bit and I hope you don’t care either! I know you’ll love having me around for sure!!!

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