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At first glance, Charles McNubbins looks like a normal kitten, but as you look closer you see that he’s endured more than any baby ever should. Charles came to us with both of his back feet removed – we’re not sure how, he may have been attacked by another animal, run over by a car, caught in a machine or something else we’d rather not think about. 😞
Charles basically had open, infected wounds and was walking around on his back stumps the best he could. Thankfully he was brought in and immediately given emergency care with a soothing soak, antibiotics and a pain reliever. He continues to be monitored and cared for in a foster home with one of our Veterinary Technicians where he’s getting all of the medical attention and love he needs! Regardless of the pain Charles must have suffered before he was rescued, he’s still the sweetest, most loving kitten who acts like he has no injuries whatsoever, he’s just grateful to have been saved. ❤️

Charles McNubbins is a perfect example of why TNR and responsible pet ownership are so incredibly important. At this point in “kitten season” we already have over 200 kittens in foster – those are the numbers we typically see at our peak, which usually isn’t until the end of July. We’re as prepared as we can be with the resources we have but we still rely on the support of our donors to get us through these overwhelming times. ❤️

Luckily, Charles made it to us but sadly, many kittens will not. Your support of our programs allows us to keep improving, and most importantly, keep saving more lives! We’re grateful for any contribution you’re able to make towards our mission. 🥰

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