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Rosie was left in the streets of Asbury to die.
Sweet Rosie, a young pitbull puppy was roaming the streets of Asbury Park; weak, starving, and dehydrated. Rosie was also suffering from a horrible and painful untreated condition of mange – creating open lesions, rashes, and scabs all over her tiny body. She was quite literally dying of thirst and hunger, and deteriorating from internal parasites and secondary infections from her mange.. if we didn’t find her, she wouldn’t have survived much longer.
Thankfully she was picked up by our Animal Control and brought to the shelter where we started treating her immediately ❤
Rosie has been getting medicated baths, a special diet with small and frequent portions, the antibiotic and antifungal prescriptions she needs to feel better – and most importantly, all of the TLC she deserves! She’s currently in an experienced foster home with one of our MCSPCA vet techs where she’s described as gentle and grateful 🥹
Despite being neglected, forgotten, and discarded like trash, Rosie still remains a sweet, affectionate and hopeful girl! We are always humbled by the resilience of animals ❤️
Start the season of giving by donating towards Rosie’s care, along with the thousands of other animals who need us! We couldn’t carry out our lifesaving mission without you 👏🏻
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