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Another horrific case of cruelty and neglect in our own community. 


Our Law Enforcement Division + Animal Control teams were called to a home in Neptune where dogs were heard barking inside for days. When we arrived, the home was covered in urine and feces, there were bugs and flies everywhere and we found 1 cat and 3 dogs, living in their own excrement and locked in crates. The dogs were covered in filth, had sores on their legs and feet and the youngest one was emaciated with infected ears that looked like a DIY cropping attempt. All of the animals are now in our care and being treated medically – they all have comfy blankets, clean water and nutritious food – plus all the TLC we can offer ❤


Our Law Enforcement Division DOES have the owner, and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Even if we have a full shelter of animals waiting for homes, it is our duty to respond to these calls and take these animals in. Our mission relies on the support of the public so that we can continue to protect and advocate for the voiceless.
Please consider making a donation to our shelter, your support is truly lifesaving ❤ 

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