Dec 31st


ByNina | In Adoptable Cats

Hello there, friends! How would you feel about adding a beautiful and sweet front-declawed furry friend to your family? If you adopt me, that’s exactly what you’d be doing!! Sadly, I was surrendered to the MCSPCA at 15 years of age. My owner moved and unfortunately, didn’t pick an apartment that allowed pets, so I got the boot. It’s okay though-I’m a glass-half-full kind of gal and am looking at this as an opportunity to find a new family to love.

Since I’m a senior kitty and I haven’t had a proper vet visit in years, the kind folks at the MCSPCA checked me out and did comprehensive senior bloodwork for me. They discovered that I have hyperthyroidsm. The good news is, I just need a little pill twice a day and the shelter will give my new adopter a starter kit to take home.

My ideal home would include a few comfy spots to nap. I love fleece blankets, beds (of both the human and pet kind), couches and windowsills. I’m a really easy kitty to have around-it doesn’t take much to please me. Just love me forever and I will do the same for you!


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