May 24th

A Message from our Executive Director

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To all of our supporters of the Monmouth County SPCA and to the general public, I have noticed that in the recent past months there has been some discussion and confusion on whether or not the Monmouth County SPCA is a private or government agency.  As the Executive Director and Chief of the Humane Law Enforcement Police, I feel that this issue needs to be clarified to alleviate any further confusion.

The Monmouth County SPCA is a not for profit, 501c3 government entity created by New Jersey State legislation in 1868 (NJSPCA) and 1871 (County SPCA). The SPCA is responsible, by law, for enforcing all laws and ordinances for the protection of all animals. Although the SPCA is a government entity created by our state government to enforce the animal cruelty laws and protect animals, we are one of the few agencies, created by state law that receives “NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING” from the State of New Jersey or County of Monmouth.  The only revenue that the SPCA receives from a government source is from the courts. Any and all fines that any court receives from an adjudicated violation of the animal cruelty statutes, goes to the SPCA in that jurisdiction. This revenue, that is received annually from the courts equates to about 1% of our yearly budget to operate the shelter and law enforcement division.  So, therefore, the Monmouth County SPCA is an organization that is “Self-Funded”.   To support and continue to provide our services to our animals and our county residents, we rely on what we earn through adoptions, medical services, animal control contracts, fundraising and most importantly the generous donations by our supporters. Without this much-needed income, the Monmouth County SPCA would not exist and hundreds of animals would either perish or never be rescued from deplorable or horrific conditions.

Additionally, I would like to address the issue of whether or not we are considered a “No Kill” shelter.  Under state regulations, if a shelter has under a 10% euthanasia rate, they are considered a “No Kill” shelter.  The Monmouth County SPCA, for many years has always maintained a very low euthanasia rate. Last year, over 5000 animals came through our doors and we saved approximately 95% of them with a euthanasia rate at around 5%.  So yes, we could be considered a “No Kill” shelter, but we do not like using that term because it is very misleading. We are an “Open Admission” shelter, so therefore we accept animals into our shelter under any medical or behavioral condition.  The Monmouth County SPCA will only euthanize an animal for medical or behavioral reasons and never for space.

Hopefully, these explanations will clear up any confusion about what the Monmouth County SPCA is and how we operate. As the Executive Director, my door is always open if you ever have any questions or would just like to stop in a discuss something that is on your mind.



Ross Licitra

Chief and Executive Director

Monmouth County SPCA


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