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Update 5/15/23 : It’s been a little over 1-week since we took Matilda into our care after she was found nearly dead in Neptune (original post here:
Since then, there have been scary moments where she was not responding to our treatment and we feared the absolute worst – but we kept our hopes up and our fingers crossed 😌 We are so happy to share that Matilda has been making tremendous strides in the RIGHT direction, and although we can’t say for sure that she’s out of the woods yet, we can certainly say that she’s showing great improvement ❤
Thanks to Matilda’s foster and our medical team, Matilda is gaining weight slowly and safely and is at 9.7lbs – she was a frail 5.1lbs on intake! Matilda’s bloodwork still shows anemia due to intestinal parasites, so we’ll keep monitoring her and recheck again next week. Matilda will stay in foster for another month or so, or until she’s healthy and strong enough to be considered for adoption 🥰
We are SO grateful to have had such a rally by our community for this sweet little girl, your kind words, donations, calls, and messages really remind us why we do what we do here at the Monmouth County SPCA – thank you so much💜

We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the overwhelming response of hope and support for Matilda (you can see her original story here). Unfortunately, we have not yet found who has done this to her, but our Humane Law Enforcement Division continues to actively investigate.

As far as our sweet girl Matilda, she is living up to her name “Mighty in Battle” and is showing small, yet promising, signs of improvement. We’re doing our absolute best to keep this girl on a positive path and we’re so grateful to have all of you behind us, fighting the good fight ❤
We were finally able to stabilize her temperature from 97° to a normal 101°. She’s being fed small, frequent meals so not to shock her system since she was severely starved. Matilda’s bloodwork wasn’t so great upon intake, but with her showing improvements, we hope her next round will be better!
Matilda is in foster with other dogs and she just can’t get enough of them. She absolutely loves to cuddle and has been following them around like a shadow! She can finally feel comfort – and she’ll never have to be scared or alone again.  
We’ll continue to update everyone on Matilda! You can still donate towards her care here:

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