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Each year, the MCSPCA welcomes thousands of kittens during “kitten season” which extends from spring to fall. A majority of these kittens come from outside and are very susceptible to illnesses, therefore it is crucial to get them into a foster home as fast as possible. Placing kittens in a foster home also allows them to learn how to thrive in a home setting while preparing for adoption. The foster period can range anywhere from 1-8 weeks. Many feline foster candidates are: 


  • Bottle babies who cannot eat on their own 
  • Moms with babies 
  • Recovering or sick kittens 
  • Shy/nervous kittens 
  • Adult cats recovering from surgery/illness
  • Adult cats needing a break from the shelter environment

We run our program through a private Facebook group. In this group, kittens/ cats in need of fostering will be posted along with an estimation of how long they’ll need fostering for and any special instructions. If you do not have a Facebook account, we can make other arrangements for you!

Once you are part of the foster team, you will have access to training, resources, and materials to prepare you to care for your foster animal. All medical care and supplies are provided to you for your foster experience. Kittens in foster must come to see the foster coordinator every 3 weeks for a scheduled appointment. The MCSPCA Feline Foster team has access to the foster coordinator 24/7 should there be any concerns or illnesses prior to your scheduled appointment. We are there to support you throughout your entire experience and guide you in saying goodbye when the kittens are ready to be put up for adoption . 

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