May 30th

Jorge & Joey

ByNina | In Adoptable Cats

Hi, friends-we are handsome and fluffy sweethearts who are hoping you’ll see past how fearful and timid we currently are. You see, before coming to the MCSPCA, we went through a traumatic experience. Our previous owner tragically died and, although we survived, we are still shaken up. You can see that in our demeanor.

What we need most is a quiet and loving home where we can decompress and heal together. Will you do us that kindness? We will be your loving and loyal companions in return.

We do love each other very much and rely on each other for comfort and safety during this tough time. But you know what they say-the only thing better than 1 cat is 2 of them!!! So all of us will benefit from you adopting us together!!!

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