Apr 15th


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My story: Hello there, future family!!!!! If you adopt me, you’ll be taking home an absolutely amazing kitty cat. I’m friendly, affectionate and extremely easy to love. I’m a purring machine and when you pet me I make muffins. I am approximately 1 1/2 years young.

I came to the MCSPCA after being found as a stray cat and brought to another NJ shelter. Sadly, many shelters euthanize FIV+ cats because they are more likely to get sick when exposed to germs. Since a shelter is like a nursery school where things like head colds circulate easily, shelters with limited resources have no choice but to euthanize the animals most likely to get sick. Unfortunately, FIV+ kitties are always at the top of the list.

Fortunately for me, the MCSPCA does not euthanize FIV+ kitties!! They offered to take me in and find me a home. How cool is that?

Since I was found as a stray, nothing is known about my life prior to being found. I definitely love people and would love to be a family pet-that’s my goal in life!!!! From what my shelter friends have seen, I do not seem to like other cats. So, I am looking to be your only purr-ince! I’ll give you sooooooo much love and you will be so happy if you add me to your family-so please take me home today!! 😊 😊 😊

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