Book Signing with Sue Davis


    Monmouth County SPCA, Eatontown
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    October 21st 2017
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September 2017: Author Susan E. Davis, PT announces the release of her second book All Hands on Pet!, through Joycare Media, a division of her company, Joycare Onsite, LLC.  The book contains 38 photos and is 284 pages in length, including bibliographical references, resource notes and index.

It is your “How-To Guide on Home Physical Therapy Methods for Pets”, outlining safe and effective actions pet owners can apply through the animal’s entire life spectrum. The book covers canine, feline, avian, exotic and farm animal species, and is designed to fill the gap where the demand for therapy services outweighs the availability of qualified providers. Tips, techniques and advice typical of that given to author’s own clients are revealed, along with real stories of courage form author s actual patient caseload.

Throughout the pages are cross references to Susan’s first book released in 2013, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation: A Guide for the Consumer, for the purpose of linking key information to provide further detail to the pet owner. Although each book is written to stand alone, the reader may find it optimal to have a copy of both as part of their animal health library.

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