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We have been getting several calls and emails about how we are preparing our shelter in wake of COVOID-19, Coronovirus. Rest assured, we have a process in place that had been implemented a month or so back when we had a rampant case of Canine Influenza. Our shelter was quarantined and limited to only essential staff permitted to enter and exit the building, in full protective-wear; this went on for nearly a month and all of our animals recovered beautifully.

Although what we dealt with during the influenza outbreak isn’t quite the same, we’re still confident that we’ll be able to keep the inner workings of our shelter moving during any given emergency. Our staff and volunteers are some of the hardest working people we know and we have full faith in their dedication to our shelter and its animals

In order to keep our shelter adequately prepared, we’re putting out a plea for dog & cat food so that we can keep our reserves at maximum capacity in the event of shipping delays or supply shortages. In addition to making sure our shelter animals have what they need, we also want to be in the position to assist our community’s pets, if necessary. We’ll be accepting pet food (any brand, wet or dry) and supplies at our 260 Wall Street location over the next few weeks to secure our position to help when we are most needed 

We’re still always in need of cleaning products, paper towels, linens, towels & pet treats along with other items that can be found on our wishlist here:

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