Feb 9th


ByNina | In Adoptable Cats

Like a good bagel, I am everything! Normally when Animal Control Officers need to bring outdoor cats in, they set up humane traps and lure them in with a tasty treat. Not me! When the ACO began setting up her traps, I ran right up to say hello (and “take me with you!”). I was starving and very thin, so clearly in need of help, and brought right away to the MCSPCA for the care I needed. I am about 5 years young.

Since I was ear-tipped, someone had cared for me at one point, but either I left to find a new adventure, or the person who fed me did so themselves, and I was without my regular source of food.

I am happy to inform you that I am feeling much better after regular care and meals, and am still very loving! I perk right up when someone comes to visit, and love being petted and nuzzling you back like the big mush I am. You will have a new best friend when you take me home to snuggle and play with, and I’ll keep you toasty warm on all those cold days. I can’t tell you if I’ve lived with other cats before, but I could try living with someone very friendly and relaxed like me. I would be more than happy being your only boy and have you all to myself too! Either way, I am ready to live the life that every cat deserves!

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