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After midnight on Saturday our Humane Law Enforcement Division responded to a call from the Neptune City Police Department about excessive barking. When we arrived at the apartment complex, we heard the barking and whining from outside and were prepared for the worst. What we found was 8 dogs and puppies, stuffed together in small crates, and living outside on a freezing cold porch with only a plastic tarp to protect them from the elements. The dogs and puppies that we discovered were living in their own urine and feces and without access to food, water or any source of heat, and despite them all cuddled together, they were still trembling from the freezing temperatures.

We recovered 8 dogs from the scene, who drank and ate ravenously when we offered them food and water. We brought them over to our shelter and made sure they had comfy blankets, plenty more of accessible food and water and finally a warm place to sleep. After letting the dogs settle in, our medical team began their assessments and found that all of the dogs were riddled with intestinal parasites in addition to their overgrown nails, skin sores, dirty coats and ear & skin infections. One of the adult dogs in particular, was covered in scars and wounds, which is sometimes an indication of being used as a bait-dog in dog fighting.

These dogs will remain in our shelter, unable to be released for adoption, until this matter is resolved in court – this can sometimes take months. While with us, these dogs will be treated, emotionally and physically, with the utmost level of care and compassion. Please consider making a donation today to help us care for these innocent animals who did nothing to deserve such an unfair life. It’s because of your support that we’re able to fulfill our mission to advocate, protect and help abused & neglected animals like this heal.

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