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Late Sunday night on July 26th, our Humane Law Enforcement & Animal Control Units responded to a call from the Asbury Park Police Department regarding an abandoned home on Mattison Ave. with over a dozen dogs and puppies.

Upon entry, we found one of the puppies laying lifeless on the hot concrete – he was immediately rushed to GSVS Pet Hospital for treatment, the rest of the dogs followed for medical assessment.

The animals, aside from one female who was tied up in the backyard with an industrial chain, were living in a sweltering garage with no air conditioning, no access to food or water and with only 1 small window open for any fresh air.

The 3 adults that were recovered ate and drank ravenously when we offered them food and water, it’s hard to say the last time they even had any available.

Aside from the one puppy in critical care, all of these dogs and puppies are now back at the MCSPCA where they will receive the highest level of quality care, thanks to our amazing staff.

2021 Spring Newsletter

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