Oct 2nd

Will & Grace

ByNina | In Adoptable Cats

Hi!!!!! Want to watch the return of one of the funniest shows on television (“Will & Grace”) with the character’s adorable feline counterparts? Seriously, there’s no better way to spend the night than watching a sitcom with a sweet and snuggly cat sitting on either side of you!!

Will and Grace were surrendered to the MCSPCA because their family brought home a dog they didn’t like so, after 7 years of living with them, the cats got the boot. It’s no fun to think you are with your forever family one second and then find yourself in a cage at an animal shelter the next but, it is what it is, and Will and Grace are making the best of it!! They are looking forward to finding a real forever family that they can shower with lots of love and devotion.

Even though they weren’t fans of this dog, they aren’t opposed to living with other animals. It’s just that this particular dog was a puppy who wanted to play with them CONSTANTLY!!!! Will and Grace are couch potato cats who do not want to wrestle and be chased around the house by a puppy lol!

Will and Grace do love each other very much, and they are looking for a home together. They might be a little shy at first-they have just been through a lot after all-but once they’ve gotten to know you, they are affectionate cuddlebugs. They are both very lovable and sweet so, if you are looking for a pair of lovebugs, they are definitely the ones you should adopt!


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