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Wall St. Tails, Spring 2014

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NL Collage Spring 2014

One of the most important things that the Monmouth County SPCA learned in 2013 is that in order to remain relevant and continue to meet our mission, we must beflexible and proactive in adjusting our programs and services tomeet the evolving needs of our community.

Many of you are aware of our quick response to Superstorm Sandy with the opening of the Pet Pantry and sheltering of displaced pets. What we learned in the process of meeting those challenges was that there is a need for an ongoing Pet Food Pantry in our community. We also learned that we could reduce the number of surrendered animals to our shelter by providing a temporary resource of pet food, supplies and subsidized medical care through the Pet Pantry. Today we currently serve more than 385 families and care for over 1,000 animals through the program.

NL Look Back Spring 2014

In 2014, we intend to build on this success through the construction of a new Pet Pantry facility and a focused outreach toward reducing the number of pit bulls in our shelter. Over 55% of the dogs surrendered to the MCSPCA are pit bulls or pit bull mixes, and this loving and misunderstood breed is involved in a majority of our law enforcement investigations. The Pittie Project was designed to address this disturbing trend.

We are also very excited to announce the opening of a new MCSPCA Adoption Center at the Petco facility in Middletown. You will hear more about these exciting initiatives throughout this newsletter.


On behalf of the MCSPCA, we are incredibly grateful for the generosity and support of our more than 9,000 donors in 2013. Your continued support gives us the ability to provide shelter, care and medical attention to those animals who need it most.  Last year we saved more than 3,600 lives. Let’s work together and make 2014 a year for even more lifesaving.

Jerry Rosenthal, President & CEO


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