Jun 7th


ByNina | In Adoptable Cats

Hi, friends!! I’ll tell you right off the bat that I’m not a fan of other cats. Other than that, though, I’m an adorable little girl who loves people! I’m petite and sweet and easy to please. I like to sit in windowsills, play with toys and eat treats (that’s actually my most favorite activity).

I have kind of a strange history. I was originally adopted from another local shelter. I was apparently in that home for 2 months and then one day, a Good Samaritan found me beside a dumpster. Whether my owner put me there, or I got lost and ended up next to the trash, is unclear. What was clear is that my owner no longer wanted me. She was given the opportunity to take me back but she said “no”. I’m hoping that this time around, I’ll find a nice human who does want to keep me forever! I will certainly love you forever!!!!

I’m about 3 years young. I do like to be petted, especially on the sides of my face, and I like to play with toys as well. I’m a fan of catnip and I’m a HUGE fan of finding the purrfect family!


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