Jul 20th

Storm and Milton

ByNina | In Adoptable Cats, FIV+

Hi, friends!!! Yes, in case you were wondering, it is possible to adopt 2 absolutely stunning cats at once!!!! (Obviously we are talking about ourselves lol). Not only do we have the looks but we are really sweet boys too. We are brothers, surrendered to Ocean County Animal Facility (SOCAF) on the day our owner was moving. She hadn’t planned ahead and needed to “get rid of us” that second. (That doesn’t make either of us feel too loved).

At any rate, SOCAF, like many shelters, is unfortunately not able to adopt out FIV+ cats. Shelters that cannot adopt out FIV+ have limited resources an FIV+ cats are more prone to contracting illnesses like the common head cold, which are prevalent in shelter environments. The MCSPCA is proud to promote FIV awareness and adoptions.  Since we are a bonded pair and they didn’t want to split us up, the SOCAF folks called the MCSCPA folks to see if they could take us and find us a new home. They said “yes!”

We do absolutely love each other and are looking to be placed in the same home. But you know what they say: the only thing that’s better than 1 snuggly kitty is 2 of them!!! Especially when those 2 kitties are as sweet and handsome as us!

We are the purrfect example of how an FIV+ cat and an FIV- cat can live together just fine, provided all cats in the household are spayed/neutered and get along with each other. (Storm is FIV+ while Milton is FIV-).  A loving indoor home is the purrfect environment for an FIV+ kitty!

If you are looking to add lots of love, snuggles and good looks to your home, we are the kitties you should adopt!!! So what do you say?


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