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Dog-fighting in America

All dog breeds have potential to make wonderful, loving, and loyal family dogs, their strong, active, and dedicated personalities have made them an unfortunate target. In some communities, these bully breeds have become a status symbol and money makers for dog fighters, which is causing over breeding and abuse.

Dog-fighting happens throughout the entire country, from big cities to small towns. It is a cruel sport, many dogs are killed or tortured every day.

Education on the horrors of this sport is the first step in stopping the cruelty. Pushing for stronger laws regarding dog-fighters is another way to get involved.

If you hear of dog-fighting in your area or anyone involved in dog-fighting please contact your local authorities or animal shelter. In New Jersey, please call the state’s cruelty hotline, (800) 582-5979. If it is an immediate emergency, please call us at 732-542-0040. We will only ask you to provide information, you will be able to stay anonymous. We cannot take cruelty reports by email.

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