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Roscoe is a hound mix who originally came to us from an over-crowded shelter in the south and is just under one year old.  He is a definitely a puppy at heart with lots of energy and lots of love!!!  He was adopted out three times and returned and is starting to loose faith.  His first adoptive family who took him home with two other canine siblings.  They all got along when they first met but once they got home the other two dogs bullied Roscoe and the family became concerned and brought him back.  His second family only had him one night and decided their condo was not big enough for a 37 pound dog.  His third family returned him after one week as they felt he was too playful for their toddler at home.  So here he is again hoping to find a forever home this time.

Roscoe is a playful boy who loves other dogs and toys too!!!  He loves long walks and romps in the park and even a game of fetch.  He has lots of energy and would benefit greatly with an active family who loves life and adventures just as much as he does.  He is very affectionate and loves his human friends and gets so excited when he sees them coming with their leash.   Roscoe is a smart boy who would make a wonderful addition to a family that could give him the love and attention he so deserves.

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