Mar 8th

Pepperoni & Tigeroni

ByNina | In Adoptable Cats

With names like ours, how can you go wrong? We are 2 super cute and mushy boys that are hoping to be added to your family. We are 3-year-young brothers who were adopted from the MCSPCA as kittens. Unfortunately, after 3 years, our owner became ill and had to move into a facility that did not allow pets. Our owner was so upset to have to return us to the shelter as she loved us so very much, but it was the only option. She says that my next family is going to be one lucky family because we are such awesome cats!!!!

We are affectionate and lovable boys. We like to cuddle together and take naps together. We are gentle kitties and, although we do play from time to time, we prefer to be couch potatoes! What could possibly be better than having a big squishy kitty on either side of you while you binge watch your favorite TV show? We would love to do that every night with you!

We are loyal boys-to each other and to our family. We are looking to be adopted together and we will give you so much love and happiness you won’t know what to do with it lol! So please make the best decision of your life and adopt us both today!!!!


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