Jul 5th

Peagie Myn & Pea Jae

ByNina | In Adoptable Cats

What is better than 2 warm and snuggly kitty cats curled up together in a purring ball of fluffy fur? That’s right-both of us!!! (Us in particular of course)!!

Our owner sadly lost her home, which means we were left without a place to live as well. That’s how we ended up at an animal shelter, patiently waiting for you to come along and take us home!!

We are 6-year old sisters and we love each other very much, so we are looking to be adopted together. We could live with other feline friends, or it could be just us. (We lived with 4 other cats in our previous home).

We are both a bit shy at first, but we both become incredibly sweet mushballs once we have gotten to know you. We are so sweet and gentle and just so easy to have around. We truly hope that you want to to meet us-we know that once you do, you’ll want to take us home!!!


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