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The Odd Couple– MCSPCA Style!

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photo-239 Opposites attract, even with cats.  When visiting the Monmouth County SPCA you will see all sorts of kitties.  Some even come in pairs.  This particular pairing was unexpected to say the least.  Mrs. Bojangles is a sweet, special 8yr old girl who has some arthritis and moves very slowly.  She is a gorgeous grey gal who just wants love and a lap.  On the other hand you have Rascal.  Rascal is feisty 8yr old girl who has quite an independent streak and would like a window to look out, a scratcher and most importantly…..treats!  They are different in almost every way except in one….. their love for one another!  (Oh and their mutual love of the laser pointer!)
Rascal moved into gazebo 3 months ago and was slow to make friends.  She was happy to move out of a cage and into a bigger space, but now she had roommates!  This means sharing beds, toys and most importantly food!  So she took her time and the other kitties gave her space.  I visited her a couple days a week in her new place and she was adjusting, grumpy, but adjusting.  The more time I spent in there meant the more time I got to know the other kitties.  They are all different and all seem to get along, but mostly keep to themselves.  There is Norman the tree dweller, Wendy Williams the queen, Dobby the lap cat and Torre the plus sized snuggle-bunny.  I grew to love them all, but always had a soft spot for my girl Rascal.



One afternoon I came for my usual socialization visit and was stopped in my tracks.  As I approached the gazebo I saw Rascal snoozing peacefully in her bed.  Only this time, she wasn’t alone.  There she was curled up, happy as can be, snuggling with Mrs. Bojangles.  I blinked once, rubbed my eyes and looked again.  It was for real!  The smile on my face was huge and shared by many.  A small crowd of volunteers had gathered to see this unlikely pair, sweetly sleeping and unaware of any gathering around them.  That day was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  The Odd Couple was formed.
More time has passed in Gazebo 3 and some kitties have found homes.  For Mrs. Bojangles and Rascal that time has not come yet.  Their wonderful, uniquely sweet friendship continues as I’m sure it will until the day of their adoption.  They do not have to go home together, but it would seem a shame to separate this special pair of gals.  So please come and visit Gazebo 3 to meet this sweet “Odd Couple”.  A loving home is all you need.  Well that, a laser pointer and some treats!


 Interested in adopting? Please contact our adoption center 732-440-1525
Written by Sally Williams, MCSPCA Volunteer

One Comment to "The Odd Couple– MCSPCA Style!"

  • Lisa Wolsk
    September 9, 2014 at 2:48 pm

    These are two wonderful senior cats who are calm and enjoy snuggling together. I hope someone has room in their heart and home for these two ladies!

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