Aug 9th

Mr. Shadowkins

ByNina | In Adoptable Cats, FIV+

Hi, friends!!!!! I’m a shelter favorite and as much as I love hanging out with my friends here, my real dream is to find the purrfect family! I came to the MCSPCA with 3 other kitties-they have all since found forever homes. Our owner is in the military and unfortunately got stationed overseas. As you can imagine, we were very sad to lose our human and home, but it does mean that we get to meet new friends and find a new family, and I am excited about  both of those things!

My new shelter friends tell me that I’m a really awesome cat! They’ve actually made me into their office cat. I hang out with them after the shelter closes and help type up emails (by sitting on the keyboard while they are trying to type). I head boop their pens while they’re writing notes and I lovingly rub against their cheek while they talk on the phone. And of course, I sit in their laps while they work too. They tell me I’m a lot of fun to be around and that they look forward to the end of the work day because they get to spend time with me!

I would be happy as your only kitty cat, but I would also enjoy living with some kitty friends that are just as mellow and gentle as I am. Most of all, I would enjoy being back in a home with a family to love! I am FIV+, which means that my immune system can be weaker than the average cat. This isn’t a problem as long as I am kept inside and up-to-date on vet visits and vaccinations. FIV+ kitties typically run into problems when they are left outdoors to fend for themselves. It is transmitted through reproduction and bite wounds, which is why it is common for un-neutered Tomcats to be affected.

What better way to pay your bills, work from home or online shop than by having a constant companion like me by your side? It’s the purrfect way to get stuff done!!!




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