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Hi there! Want to make my dream come true? How about adopting me right after my 1-year anniversary of being at the MCSPCA. Will you take me home before year 2 really starts passing by?

I am a beautiful and gentle girl who came to the MCSPCA because I was afraid in my previous home. My family was going through a lot of changes all at once (moving from one home to a temporary hotel to another home plus a new baby), and it was scary to me! I spent all my time hiding and was too afraid to let anyone touch me. My previous owners were concerned because I was so unhappy and afraid, and they wanted to find a better life for me. So, they brought me to the MCSPCA so that I could find a new forever home.

I am shy at first and it will definitely take me a little extra time to get to know you and come out of my shell. I will be happiest in a quiet and adult-only home, with or without other kitty cats. Once I’ve gotten to know you, I am very affectionate and I especially love to be rubbed under my chin. It makes me purr and purr and purr!!!

I also LOVE to play!!!! Shoelaces and little toy mice are my favorites!

I am one of those kitties that make really strong bonds with one or two special people. There is nothing quite like forming a bond with a shy kitty cat-it is so rewarding and it will fill your heart!!! So please pick me so we can share that special feeling forever and ever!!

One of my shelter buddies has a blog where I was featured-twice!!! Check out my guest blogs here:




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