May 2nd

Lucas’s Story

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Imagine this:

Your family dog is lost during Hurricane Sandy. After searching and giving up hope, 1.5 years later you decide to adopt a dog. You head to the Monmouth County SPCA, meet with an adoption counselor and plan on meeting some dogs.

The adoption counselor brings in your first candidate and guess what; it’s YOUR DOG!

Lucas came to the Monmouth County SPCA in November and had been waiting for his forever family. Volunteers have even said he seemed like he was looking for someone. Now we know Lucas (who’s real name is Reckless) was searching for his family!


We offer a Vaccine and Microchip Clinic every week. Microchip your pet so that if they ever get lost, they have a much better chance of finding their way home! Reckless and all adopted pets leave our building with a microchip.


NY Daily News:  Reunited! Pooch lost in Hurricane Sandy is matched with his former owners at animal shelter

Asbury Park Press: Dog lost after Sandy, found year and a half later at SPCA

People Pets: Family Reunites with Dog Lost in Hurricane Sandy During Animal Shelter Visit



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