Dec 6th

Little Man

ByNina | In Adoptable Cats


Hi, friends! Have you ever seen a cuter little man than me? My shelter friends tell me that I have an adorable face and a fun little purrsonality to match. I’m not just a cute little man though, I’m a lucky little man too!!

You see, a nice family found me all by my lonesome in the middle of a field near their home. How I got to be there, I cannot tell you. The family was concerned about me because they thought it was odd that such a friendly cat was randomly hanging out in a field, so they took me home. They kindly kept me in their home for 2 months while they searched and searched for my real family.

This kind family brought me to the vet as well. The vet found a painful abscess in my mouth and he treated it and made it all better. The vet also discovered that I am Hyperthyroid. So, that super nice family started me on medication to treat that too!! (A lot of kitties with Hyperthyroidism have that kind of disheveled skinny look that you can see my coat has now-soon, that will be all shiny and filled out)!!!

Unfortunately, my previous home was never located. So, the family did the next best thing-they brought me to the shelter so I could find a new family. The shelter folks will set my new family up with some thyroid meds. I’m an easy patient-I eat them in food like a treat!

My age is approximately 8 years. I’m an easy little man to have around. I’m friendly, active and I love to be petted. Will you make me your little man?


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