Aug 24th


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Hi, friends! How gorgeous am I?!! I’m a Maine Coon type of kitty cat who would love nothing more than to be adopted by you!! I am about 10 years young and I was surrendered to the shelter because I wasn’t getting along with my owner’s new grandchildren. Nothing against children, but I’m not a fan of how noisy and energetic they are. I didn’t appreciate how they would run up to be and rub my fur and play with my tail. I would be much happier in a quiet adult home, which is what I had until those grandkids came along!!

I am also looking forward to finding a family that will help me work on my figure. It’s not my fault that I’m so obese-I had access to food all the time and I had no self-control with all those tasty treats constantly in my face!!! It is actually extremely dangerous for a cat to be as overweight as I am-aside from not being able to groom myself well, obesity in cats can lead to obesity, pain from carrying all that extra weight around and hepatic lipidosis (commonly known as “fatty liver disease”), which can be fatal.

Thank goodness I ended up in a shelter that promised they will get me started on my weight loss journey, and they will help my new owner continue that path in my new home.

I am a friendly and very sweet girl who enjoys being petted, especially on my head. I love to rub my head against your hand and rub against your ankles. If you think I’m beautiful now, just wait until I shed that extra weight-I’m going to be a feline supermodel!!!



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