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I’m in a foster home, so call to find out more about me!

Keith is a 2-year-old Boston Terrier mix who came to us from a hoarding case along with 16 other dogs.  Many of these dogs were never socialized out of the house so new things were very scary to them.  The good news is that a wonderful family offered to foster Keith while he learns how to just be a happy dog! There Keith likes to follow his foster mom around and play fetch with his favorite blue ball.  He will dance around the ball in a playful manner until his foster mommy throws it for him!!

Keith loves to run around in the fenced yard and work out with laps around the yard but he is not yet ready for leash walking.  He is close with his canine foster sister and will seek her out in the home when she goes to a different room.  Keith is coming out of his shell more and more every day and blooming into a handsome muscular boy who is enjoying himself and learning how to be a dog!! Keith does like other dogs and finds comfort in having them near by so he would love to find a home with another dog in it.

Keith does take a little time to warm up but once he is comfortable with someone, he will climb into their lap to be close and feel safe. Would you like to continue Keith’s progress in by adding Keith to your family and home? It will be well worth it and extremely rewarding.

For information on how to prepare your home for this special boy, click here.

I’m learning how to walk on a leash!

Here’s a fun video of me! (I’m called Petey in my foster home so that’s what’s in the videos).

Watch me enjoying some loving!


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