Feb 26th

Junior Cheeseburger

ByNina | In Adoptable Cats

Hi, friends! I’m as adorable as my name suggests!!! I’m a roly-poly lovebug mushball boy. I love to be petted and snuggled. I am a couch potato type of kitty cat in that I will always choose a good nap or cuddle over running around and playing like a little kitten! I would make a wonderful companion for someone looking for a buddy to watch TV with (and I won’t try to steal the remote either-we can watch whatever you want)!

I am about 7 years young. I came to the MCSPCA because my previous owner moved and couldn’t take me with her. I came in with another kitty cat who has since been adopted. I would be happy living with another mellow and easygoing kitty cat like myself, or I could be the only one. I’m not really all that picky! I would even live with a mellow and easygoing cat-friendly dog too!! I’m very well-rounded, easy to get along with and easy to love too!

I do enjoy a quiet and calm environment, so if you have a home like that, I would love to live there! I think you’ll really enjoy having me around too-there’s nothing not to like about me!!! I’m just purrfect!


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