Jan 9th

Jr. Minty

ByNina | In Adoptable Cats

Hi, hoomans!!! Aren’t I adorable with my light grey tiger markings? I am a 5 month old kitten, as of the New Year, 2017.

I came to the shelter as a teeny tiny kitten. I was very scared and timid at first, as I really had no experience with people up until that point. I was one of several kittens that were found outside in someone’s yard. The lady who found us brought us to the MCSPCA so that we could have a chance to find real homes.

I am still shy when I meet new people, so please understand that it’s nothing personal, I just need a little extra time to adjust and feel comfortable with you. I do love to play with toys, and that is the best way to win me over!

I also absolutely adore other kitty cats, so if you have some feline family members looking for a new friend, I’m the one you should pick!!!!

I’m the kind of kitty cat where the wait is worthwhile-it will take a little bit for me to come around but the bond you and I will form in the process will be very strong and extremely rewarding


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