Dec 12th

Howell Hoarding Dogs from June, 2016

ByNina | In Adoptable Dogs

This week we are featuring 5 of our remaining Howell Hoarding Dogs that were rescued from a house of almost 300 dogs in total.  These scared babies were never socialized nor exposed to anything outside of the home.  They are very frightened of new people and new things, and do not know what it means to truly just be a dog.  They are learning to trust people and many are just starting to take treats from their trusted friends – friends that it took several months to get to know and trust. While this is true and it is progress, they will still not allow even their friends to pick up them up and hold them.

These special needs babies would do best in a quiet home with another dog where they can learn to be brave and confident by following the lead from a well-adjusted dog.  They will need to learn about walking on leash, housetraining, and many simple pleasures such as playing with toys.  While they are in good health physically, they are frightened little guys and gal who just need a patient home to call their own.

There are 5 remaining: Gus who appears to be a light tan-colored Chihuahua/Pomeranian-like mix, Fritz and Dale who are an amber-colored Chihuahua/Pomeranian-like mix, Phoenix who is a brindle Frenchie-like mix and the only girl in the group, and finally Chewy a brindle Frenchie-like mix who, once he warms up to you, loves belly rubs and toys!!! (**Chewy and Fritz have new homes!)

So if you have another dog, lots of patience and room in your heart for a very special needs dog, please consider one of these special babies to become of your family.  They deserve a second chance at learning what it is like to truly be a dog!

For information on how to prepare your home for one of these special dogs, please click here.

Watch a video about these dogs:


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