May 11th


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As my name suggests, I am ALL HEART!!!! (I mean, yeah, I’m almost 20 pounds of cat body, ┬ábut I’m working on that lol…). I literally am one of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet. I’m sooooooo friendly and sooooooo lovable. Given all that, you’ll be surprised to find out why I’m here at the shelter. I was brought to a local vet hospital to be euthanized. You see, I was having some “accidents” in my home. My previous family thinks it was because I didn’t want to share my litterbox with the 2 other cats in the home. Unfortunately, ┬áthere could only be one litterbox in the home. I did use the litterbox at times, but if the other cats had filled it up, I would find another place to go to the bathroom. (I’m sure you can relate-who wants do their business in a dirty toilet lol)?!

The family didn’t think there were any other options than euthanasia, and they were thrilled when their veterinarian said that, instead of putting me to sleep, they were going to bring me to the local shelter in order to find a new home. I was pretty thrilled to hear that too!!!!!!

So, now that that’s all out of the way, let me tell you a little more about my purrfect purrsonality!!! I am an absolute sweetheart. I am about as affectionate as a cat can get! I love to be petted, snuggled, kissed and just adored in general. I am approximately 9 years young. I have lived with cats and dogs before and got along well with them. My only requirement, if I live with other cats, is that I have a big litterbox of my very own. (And, of course, my other need is to lose a bunch of weight)!!!! In return, I will shower you with lots and lots and lots of love!!!!



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