Mar 13th

HAPPY TAIL: Dora and Watson

Bykelly | In Happy Tails

Dora and Watson 200The kitties are doing wonderfully! They definitely have their distinct personalities and we love spending time with them.

Dora is a total daddy’s princess. She comes to John when called, has to hang on his neck when he is in the kitchen, loves to inspect everything and will magically turn onto her back the minute we start singing the “Noodle noodle belly belly” song (because she used to stretch out like a noodle to get her belly rubbed).

Unfortunately, my designs for her to be my little princess with a little brother to keep her company didn’t quiet pan out and she and Watson have divvied up the world whereas John belongs to her and I’m completely Watson’s. He is the most talkative, fluffy, loving, attention demanding “little” guy (he is huge!). He follows me around, loves being picked up, opens every door, loves boxes and strings and anything that Dora is playing with. Thankfully despite her little frame, if he wears out her infinite patience, she will put him in his place just fine 🙂 and they still play and eat together. I can barely remember how worried I was that they won’t get along 🙂


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