Mar 12th


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Super super sweet-that’s me! Hi, I’m Gracie. I actually am quite graceful, too. I am a beautiful medium-hair kitty cat who definitely has some Maine Coon mixed into my genetic makeup. I am about 5 years young.

There have been 2 separate times that I’ve come to the MCSPCA. First, I was brought to the shelter after having been abandoned outside a local veterinary hospital with another cat. Not very nice of my former owner to have done, but it did allow me to end up in a place where I can find a loving forever home.

I was adopted but was then returned because the doggy in the house really stressed me out. My new owner loved me so much, but she also didn’t want me to live in fear. So, here I am looking for a dog-free home with some humans that I can shower with love!!! My ideal home would be a quiet and calm one, with or without other kitties.

I am FIV+, which means that my immune system can be weaker than the average cat. This isn’t a problem as long as I am kept inside and up-to-date on vet visits and vaccinations. FIV+ kitties typically run into problems when they are left outdoors to fend for themselves. It is transmitted through reproduction and bite wounds, which is why it is common for un-neutered Tomcats to be affected.

I am a nice kitty to have around-I have a very calming presence. So what do you think? Want to take me home? I sure hope so!


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