Mar 7th


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If you are ever down in the dumps and want a quick fix to bring you out of it, just spend some time with me!! I’m about the happiest little boy you could meet. According to my shelter friends, I’m absolutely delightful. They say I’m always in a good mood and that they love to hang out with me. I’m a little monkey-I like to climb up onto your lap and give you hugs. I give kisses too. I like to follow you around like a puppy and I come when called too! I’m about 5 years young.

I’m sure you noticed that I have a lot of fur missing. It’s partly why I came to the shelter. You see, I was stressed in my previous home. I absolutely adored my human mom, but the dog scared me! As a coping mechanism, I would overgroom. And then my feline sister, who was terrified of the dog, would overgroom me as a way to self-soothe too!!! The worst part about all of that is that it made me look like a chicken cutlet!!!!

Since coming to the shelter, my sister and I have been separated and, it turns out, we are both much happier that way. In fact, I would love nothing more than to be your only purr-ince! I certainly have enough personality to make up for 10 cats, so with me around, you only need one pet. I do get along with other cats that aren’t constantly bathing me lol, and would be open to living with the right feline.

More than anything, though, I would love to be yours and be able to make you happy and cheer you up even on a bad day!! Believe me, you’ll be happy with me around!!


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