Apr 27th


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Talk about luck!!! I was found as a stray in not-so-great shape. The man who found me thinks that I snuck into his garage while the door was open and then climbed into the car when he was unloading groceries. Since he didn’t drive anywhere after that for 3 days, he thinks I was in the car for 3 days!!!! Imagine the surprise when he got in his car to drive to the store that morning!!! Then, instead of running errands, he ended up bringing me to a veterinary hospital.

When I first arrived at the shelter, I didn’t look well. The shelter staff thought I was probably very old and sick. Then, as I started settling in and allowing the staff to handle me, they discovered that I actually was on the younger side. (I’m approximately 5 years old). I had severe dental disease that made it very painful and difficult to eat. Since I looked so thin and unkempt, it gave me an appearance that I was an old man! Lucky for me, they made me feel better by giving me meds that helped with the pain and my infected mouth. Then I was able to eat and put on about 2 pounds!!! I still have a little filling out and tidying up to do, but compared to what I was, I look amazing!!

And then, best of all, Feline Medical Center, a WONDERFUL veterinary hospital in Lincroft, offered to do a dental treatment for me!!!! They removed all of my remaining teeth and man, do I feel GREAT now!!!! Don’t worry, though-I can eat just fine-wet food, dry food, yummy treats, you name it!!  I would love adding you giving me a home to the long list of things I’m grateful for…what do you say? I’m very gentle and sweet. I’m a quiet boy who likes to be petted. I’m very easy to please and easy to have around-I’m just a quiet, loving man who is looking for a family to love forever.


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