Apr 30th


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Hi, friends! Were you looking for a lap cat? Because you’re looking at one!!!! I am a sweet older gal who was found on the front step of a Middletown resident. The Good Samaritan who found me brought me to Middletown Animal Hospital because she was concerned with how skinny I looked. The nice folks there took good care of me for a few days and then, once I was stabilized, they brought me to the shelter so I could find a home.

No one knows my history-my human friends tell me they wish I could tell them my story! I wish I knew how to speak English so I could tell you too!! The most important thing, though, is that I’m here and now I can find a loving home. My shelter friends think I’m around 10 years young.

Strange coincidence-another sweet old lady cat (as our shelter friends affectionately refer to us as) was found on the porch of a Middletown resident. Lilac (the other cat) and I don’t know each other but it’s funny that we both have the exact same story!!! She’s really sweet-check her out in Section “T!”

I will make a snuggly and super sweet companion for someone looking for a gentle and affectionate side kick. Want that someone to be you?!


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