Sep 13th

Elle O Elle

ByNina | In Adoptable Cats

Hello, there! I’m a cute and fun polydactyl cat-that means I have thumbs!! It always looks like I’m wearing mittens-adorable! I was dumped right outside the front door of the MCSPCA!! I was abandoned in a cat carrier, so absolutely nothing is known about me. The shelter folks scanned me for a microchip but unfortunately, I did not have one. (I do now)!

It is frustrating that my previous owner just left me instead of, at the very least, handed me over to the shelter staff so they could get some information about me-my likes/dislikes, what my former life was like. Instead, they had to start from scratch. That’s okay though-honestly, the best thing for me is to just find a new home where I will be cherished and loved forever! It could be worse, too-I am grateful that my previous owner left me on the MCSPCA property rather than just tossing me outdoors in the middle of nowhere.

So here is what my new shelter friends have learned about me: I have an outgoing purrsonality. I am always up for a fun time, whether it’s chasing around a toy mouse, playing with you with a wand toy or jumping up onto the windowsill to check out the outdoor entertainment. I’m not all fun and games, though. I’m also a sweet and affectionate little lovergirl. (Well, not so little lol-I admit I’m a little chubby)! My shelter friends estimate my age to be 3 years.

My shelter friends have noticed that I don’t seem to love other cats, so I would probably do best as your one and only. I’ll be completely devoted to you and I purr-omise that I’ll be the most wonderful friend you’ve ever had!


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