May 8th

Compassion has no borders

Bykelly | In Blog

10269371_10203722077631691_2745720705344198989_n.22The Monmouth County SPCA recently teamed up with Animal Lighthouse Rescue on a special mission to save homeless animals in Puerto Rico where there are approximately 200,000 abandoned and/or homeless animals roaming the streets and beaches.

Last month, we visited a shelter called El Faro Del Los Animales where we rescued 10 animals in need and brought them back to the Monmouth County SPCA for a chance to find a forever home of their own.

You may wonder why the Monmouth County SPCA is adopting animals from Puerto Rico? Because compassion has no borders and our mission is to protect and advocate for all animals. Only 3% of dogs and cats in Puerto Rico’s municipal animal shelters get adopted.  The other 97% are euthanized.

The Monmouth County SPCA was able to save 10 lives and give them the second chance they deserve. The continued support we receive from our supporters and the Animal Lighthouse Rescue makes this all possible. There’s no way we could do this work without you.


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